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Night vision devices and hunting gear have always been expensive, we at CustomHunting (formally CRSUK) are trying to change that paradigm, designing new and yet simple innovations that wont break the bank…….How ? that's simple, we make the designs, supply some of the parts and you build it following our build instructions, drawings & videos. Some of these are free, yes free, so check out the “FREE STUFF” link in our shop, in which we also have hunting gear, great night vision scopes, rangefinders & bespoke items you wont find anywhere else, we were also PARD UK official repair shop while they were growing, so it pays to come to us if you need info on the units. Due to 2020 world pandemic, we have streamlined our website, expand our ideas and changed our LOGO, so expect to see CRSUK in places.

To protect our clients, we are Gov COVID-19 compliant.` During Tier 4 this Christmas and new year, you may encounter delivery delays not within our control.

Why Us......

At customHunting we design, build and sell hunting gear and rifle scopes with options that the customer can choose from, building kits from our designs saves you money. This adds flexibility/adaptability and greater price range to suit your shooting and your pocket. You will smile when you know that your customized kit that you built will be the only one of its kind and probably a lot cheaper too, we even run a FaceBook and MeWe group promoting the building of your own DIY kit for hunting......will this affect sales, we don't think so, it will help bring more people into the sport who couldn't afford it before, this is what its all about !


Engineer & Inventor.

We are an online business unique in this field, our shop running 24/7 sells rifle scopes, hunting gear, accessories and kits , we are also giving away free designs on our FREE STUFF link in our shop, trying to promote that it's not just about the money.


We started this venture after purchasing a simple but expensive NV scope, feeling a little robbed and knowing what parts go into making them plus the large gap between build cost and RRP, we decided to go the DIY route…….so here we are.

Having a long military & engineering background gave us the experience we needed to design these kits, not just to make customization for you, but also to make them ergonomic and practical for the job at hand. We started off with an idea quite a few years back and it grew into our first ever digital rifle scope, it was unmatched in the commercial digital rifle scope world at the time. It was in higher resolution, color screen, usable wind & elevation turrets with 9x magnification. The Photon ( which is a great starter NV scope ) was the only commercial scope to come near to our specifications for its type. Some people know our build as the CS DarkLight NV scope, we made 12 for various customers (some as far as the US) before deciding that we could design a business round this idea. We no longer build the DarkLight, but if you would like to attempt to build one, then follow our build instructions in the FREE STUFF section, where you can find many other designs, Some of which were before their time !

Not only did Ash at CRS sell me a great NV Scope, but he also spent over and hr just chatting with me about how to best set it up, if it ever goes wrong, I know where to go !


Great service, massive discount due to shopping with Ash before, he also threw in a free gift, what a geeza !

Trevor Copeland Stanton

Worked with PARD for some time and had a private meeting with the team in Germany, deals made + formally CRSUK was made official Repair Shop 2019-2020. We are now called CustomHunting.


Ash from Custom Hunting was friendly & attentive when helping me choose the correct night vision setup (007A). Understanding my needs & offering unbiased advice. Notifications on my order throughout, which turned up quickly. Will use again & highly recommend!

Geoff T

We are based in Kent and can post out gear within 2 days, this depends on gear that is manufactured by ourselves.

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